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Good Personal Questions To Ask A Girl

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Here are some good personal questions to ask a girl in case you are at a loss for ice breakers. Some of these questions are deep and personal and they don't end with short answers. 

Questions are of value because they encourage the girl you are interested in meeting, into talking about herself. And of course we all like talking about ourselves now don’t we? So let's get into these perfect conversation starters.

Good, Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

What characteristics in men attract you?

This is good because, obviously you want to know what turns her on so you, being the chameleon lizard you are, can adapt your colors to her liking. If she hates tattoos then hide the barbed wire on your bicep. If she likes comedians, than up those two straws go into your nose.

Now I’m not saying adapt for the evening just to get laid, but I am in Miami tonight so I will look the other way!

What traits turn you off in a guy?

Again it’s all about getting her to talk and learning her style. If you are seeking a long term relationship than these questions need to get asked.

If you are not the type she is seeking than don’t waste your time. (unless you want get laid, than adapt!) whoops.Good personal questions to ask a girl

Define what you consider a great date?

This gets personal and becomes symbolism to what you should do next. You ask her out! Now if her date includes going to the zoo and you’re Uncle just got mauled by a tiger...reconsider and move on.

Are you spontaneous?

This is a good personal question to ask a girl because most women aren’t but they want to be. They just need a decent guy to be spontaneous with. Get it? Yes, you can be that guy. This is powerful.

Spontaneity is one of those rare romantic and exciting traits we all fantasize about. This can "move you up" a level or two in her eyes. "I love roller coasters too, let’s go tomorrow!"

Ever seen a ghost?

This is a fun question. But one she has probably never been asked. This makes it interesting. Ask a girl this question and the answers are always intriguing.

Most people have seen or heard something that they can't explain. This question gets into spirituality and beliefs. You can learn a lot with this fun, interesting question about the girl you're asking.

What are your passions?

Women love to talk about their passions. And if you listen hard, ask questions and take interest than this will be a long night for you.

You don’t need to know jack about removing fleas from feral cats, just express tons of interest and you will take this girl to the next level.

Do you have any pets?

If she likes animals than I will like her. That's how I feel. Animal lovers enjoy talking about Fido or Puss in Boots. Women will go on forever about their beloved furry creatures so engage her with this fun, personal question.

Alas, Funny Questions to Ask a Girl or Anyone!

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
Why is it impossible to throw out a trash can?
If a doctor is going to see you naked anyway, why does he leave the room?
If women with big boobs work at Hooters, than why don't one legged girls work at IHOP?
Is a lesbian that never has sex with a man considered a virgin?
Is a baby refusing to take a nap, guilty of resisting a rest?
Would it be considered rude to put a missing transvestite on a half and half carton?

More Funny Questions to Ask a Girl (sorry I got carried away)

Why are cold cuts round when bread is square?
Is there a law against an endangered animal consuming an endangered plant?
How do you clean soap?
Why does milk go bad inside a cold refrigerator but never inside a warm cow?
If money doesn't grow on trees, why are there bank branches?
Are there emergency exits in prison buses?
Kids are told never take candy from strangers so why do we have Halloween?
When are mattresses not on sale?
If a church has a lightning rod, isn't this a lack of faith?

Good, Funny and Personal Questions To Ask A Girl, Conclusion

These questions (other than the funny ones) are deep, interesting, flirty and personal and don’t end in short answers. This is what you want when engaging a girl. Try them out, I know your results will be positive.

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