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The Building of a Confident Man

Are you a man, tired of not getting the great girl? Sick of watching the pretty boys go home with all of the great women? Well, be a bystander no more! The Building of a Confident Man is going to stop the cycle of seeing a great woman, getting up the courage to talk to a great woman, being shot down by a great woman, going home alone!

This book is a must for all men. Life has beaten you up, and regardless of how much confidence you think you have, I’m here to tell you, it’s really lower. Divorce, failed relationships, being stood up one too many times, even things from your childhood have all contributed to the man you are today, but it’s time to flip the trend!

This book costs less than most cups of coffee you can buy today and won’t take a long time to read, yet it’s chock full of information to help you build your confidence and self-esteem. Women won’t be able to resist you!! You can’t afford not to read it!

Hook, Line and Date Her!

Guys, I hate to break the bad news, but we’re not naturally cut out to attract women. Working a room, having women drooling over you, anxious to go home with you – it’s just not what you’re naturally comfortable with.

Well, times, they are a’changin boys! I am here to help you. Hook, Line and Date Her is the book for the guy who is tired of having women look past him to some other guy. It’s not written by one of those pretty boy authors either. I’m an average guy, average looks, with excellent insight into women! I know their secrets! I talk to them every day. They write to me, begging me to help them find high quality, confident men!

They’re waiting for you – begging even! So get off the couch, put down the beer and buy the book! In an evening, you can be through it and on your way out to meet great women!

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Power Texting Women

Guys, it’s time to even the playing field! My book, Power Texting Men is an Amazon Best Seller! Women know how to text you, but do you know how to text them back?

Communicating by text is fast becoming the main way people talk throughout the day, but we’re botching it bigtime! Power Texting Women will help you hold up your end of the conversation!

Reading this book will put you back in control. Learn how to properly use timing, emoticons and intent to draw her in. She’ll be begging for the next date!