Have you ever texted a woman then N E V E R heard from her again?

Do you feel like texting women is a mystery?

I wrote the number one best seller Power Texting Women to fix their texting to you, but now it’s time to fix what you say back!

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I have to admit, after my recent divorce, I honestly wasn’t in tune with the new nuances of dating. One of these is texting. I have obviously texted people before, but never potential dates. The lack of voice inflection and tone was very difficult for me to read and respond appropriately. This book gave me some great direction on how to use more specific wording instead of typical one word man answers. The only thing that was really missing was how to adjust to a more take control attitude and convey that via text, but I believe most of that is from me being out of the dating pool for 9 years, and not having the confidence I had. All in all, it was a very informative book/guide which I will be using as reference in the future. – Darrin

Reading this book will

  • Give you powers that will change your relationship
  • Make her respond when you want her to
  • Keep her captivated on you unti the next date
  • Eliminate all of your texting blunders
  • Show how timing, emoticons and intent matter

Any weak link in your overall game plan could kill your relationship with a woman. Don’t let texting be that weak link!

This is a easy read, to the point, fun, and has lots for examples. Helps to remind us less is more when commentating with Men. – Zadi

Don’t throw away this opportunity!

If you want to know what turns women on, ask a guy who coaches women every day! The guy who taught women how to text you can help you too! When you read Power Texting Women, you will be:

  • Learning the power of less is more
  • Using wit to keep her senses engaged
  • Sending her text messages she has never received from another man
  • Understanding the power of “texting silence”
  • Planning a date with her while hiding how crazy you are about her
  • Using your thumbs to tease her

Texting isn’t going anywhere so you may as well hop on the bandwagon. Don’t be left behind – this book is a best seller! The competition is already reading!

Fun read, even for a married guy.
Light hearted, witty, and candid. The way life should be. Read straight through. Really enjoyed the conversational tone . -Robert