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The Building of a Confident Man

This is the ultimate book for men who need a boost in confidence! This book crushes the shyness and anxiety that you’re feeling about approaching women by helping you build your confidence! Women can’t resist themselves around a confident man! With confidence, you will no longer feel apprehensive about approaching an attractive woman! You will be taking your pick of high value women, ruling the day and night scene!

Right up front let me say this book is not about just dating the women you want to date. Oh there is a lot of information about that and you will be able to talk to women like never before. I have more women in my life than i ever thought possible. I also am doing better at work than I could imagine. The office bully wants to be my friend. The It guys come right up when I call and things are getting easier everyday. This book WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I know you have heard it before but this is not the same old same old. This amazing writer can teach you to have the greatest self confidence of any one you know. If you have the sense to read this book and do what he says. It is all here for you. Everything you want to know . Just an afternoon read and your going from mediocre to amazing. It is up to you


Power Texting Women

Power Texting Women gives men the tools they need to successfully communicate with women! Texting is here to stay guys, so you may as well learn how to do it right! From now on, women will respond when you want them to! You’ll have her drooling – waiting for the next date! Learn how things like timing and emoticons matter. You can’t afford not to read this one! This goes for you married guys too!

Fun read, even for a married guy.
Light hearted, witty, and candid. The way life should be. Read straight through. Really enjoyed the conversational tone.

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Hook, Line and Date Her!

Are you tired of women looking past you to other guys? Hook Line and Date Her will help you snag any girl you want! No more pickup artist moves that just don’t work. No more pretty boy advice that doesn’t work for the average guy. This book is for all of us who are average guys, out there looking for a great woman!

Right up front I had not had a date in six months. I am turning grey.I have more of a keg than a six pack.I was pathetic with women. Not any more. When women say looks are not the most important thing they mean it. In a short easy read of this well written book you will not be at home next weekend. I have an amazing amount of confidence with women now. I have found out that I like both the pretty ones and the ones that are a little plain. But that is a personal revelation that this writer has made possible There is a series of secrets to getting women. Greg has revealed all of those secrets. This is not the same old garbage. This teaches you how women think. It tells you how to determine what they want to hear. It tells you how seduction is done for real results it is all here for you just read it and do what this genius says and they will call you. Or do not believe me and spend another weekend alone.


Guys! It’s Time to Work on YOU!

Take a break from dating for a little while. Let’s work on making you such an attractive guy, you’ll have an abundance of women waiting to go out with you! We’re going to lose the nerves that come with approaching a beautiful woman! How? You’ll have the confidence and the tools to do it with style!

I’m Gregg, average looking guy, dating coach ace, confidence builder and author. I have studied hundreds of successful, and not so successful couples to learn the magic. What is it that draws them to one another? What keeps them together? I’ve compiled all of that into my books.

I do work for the other side too! I’ve got 12 best selling dating advice for women books so I know women. I can tell you that women are craving confident men! They aren’t interested in the arrogant pretty boy. Nope – they want a down-home, confident man who knows what he wants! If you take my advice, these women will be falling all over you!

Stop Being the Guy They Don’t See!

At first, women think they want that pretty boy, but those who have been around the dating block a time or two know better. What they don’t realize is that they want you! This is because you are hiding behind a little wall you’ve built up. Bricks come from failed relationships, childhood experiences, and life in general. It’s not through any fault of your own! Where those bricks came from is not the point, though. The point is that it’s time to quit hiding behind a wall and get out there! Great women want to meet YOU!

100,000 Books Sold Says I Can Help You

What makes a woman choose one man over another? Is it looks? Is it luck? And why isn’t it YOU? We are not born with skills to attract women. Where were the lessons on body language, flirting and building sexual tension?

I will show you how to work a room. You will have women yearning to go out with YOU. I do it every night like clockwork and I am not a pretty boy! It’s easy, it’s natural and my tactics WORK.

Thousands of men flock to my website for a reason!

Take some coffee money, read my dating books for men tonight, and by Sat. night you will be STUNNED!