Optimized-Cover LargeDo you ever wonder why women pick other guys over you?

Men aren’t born with skills to naturally attract women

Turn yourself into the guy they choose instead of the guy they look past!

Where do you find lessons on flirting, body language and building sexual tension?
Right HERE my friend! R.I.G.H.T HERE!

This book shows you how to work a room, how to have women yearning to date you. I do it all the time, and I’m no pretty boy! It’s easy, it’s natural, and it works!

This is the second book in the series, and yes, I did buy the first book The Building of a Confident Man. I was able to knock this one out in multiple sessions. The book has a nice even organized pace, and many useful tips.

I am now 40 and have been on the dating scene for about two years now (divorced). I have had my ups and downs and it has not been all “sugar and spice”. There is a logical sequence to the strategy within this book. The author clearly has exercised his techniques, and refined his craft. I don’t find him blowing smoke all too much, and for that, very reason I give this book high marks.

**I love the Goal Setting** Having Short, Mid, and Long Term Goals is a must, and I will now tweak mine. I enjoyed the section on practicing talking to strangers. Yeah, maybe sounds creepy, but I have used this approach, and as the author described it is just a practice ground for the woman you will later talk to, and yes, it works. I really need to do it more often, the way he describes.

Replacing Negative behavior in 2 weeks, and yes another real suggestion I have often forgot about, but now it’s on the forefront of my mind as I swim in the waters of dating again. I think we have to be willing to look in the mirror to make some corrections. Also the book continues to drive home hygine, and wardrobe. Men if you aren’t doing this, the author suggests a hip clothing store, and asking the pretty female who works there to offer suggestions (that is brillant). I usually use Jeff Lewis from the Bravo Show Flippin Out as my role model for trendy dressing, but I like this idea too. As it puts you in contact with another gal.

The best part of the book for me is the Power of Teasing. The Goofy Nickname is one I have used, but not enough, and some other great suggestions as I paged through. I used to live in South Florida, and some of the suggestions in the book aren’t for me. However, plenty can be taken and adopted as your own. A couple things I do disagree with the author on, and I’m sure you’ll find a few too, he said, “walking into a restaurant I always decide” where to sit. For me I let the girl decide. I want the girl to feel secure, some women like a booth with their back to the wall others like to be in a wide-open space. I want her having a safe zone so we have a gentleman’s disagreement on this. I liked the suggestions of First dates, and examples of both good and bad are illustrated. The conclusion is strong, and the book delivers for the most part from page 1 to end. Either I’m a Stupid Mark, or just becoming a refined crafty veteran dater thanks to these tips?Logic101

This isn’t advice found in the Pick Up Artist community!

Take a little coffee money and read this book in an evening! You’ll be a superstar by the weekend! Advice in this book:

  • Don’t guess, pin point the girl with my street light method (chapter 13)
  • Pique her interest with intrigue and deliver a SAL (situational approach line- chapter 14)
  • Stay mysterious, tease and be READY TO LEAVE
  • Change your label and get hit with a wave of women that truly DESIRE YOU

Most dating books for men are written by pretty boys – their advice doesn’t work for us average looking guys.

Out of all the many books I’ve read, this book shines.

The advice is clearly written and works. This person knows what they’re talking about.

There are a lot of very good methods included. Highly recommended.<em>Ian S.</em>

Wouldn’t you like to have an abundance of women chasing after you?

This book is the real deal! It will help you:

  • Adjust how you dress, your approach and the way you build attraction to fit YOUR style
  • Neutralize rejection with 1 amazing tip (chapter 7)
  • Learn the power of the tease
  • Pin-point your mistakes and FIX them
  • Gain the skills to RECOVER from slip-ups
  • Cherry pick tips from top PUA’s and sprinkle in what’s USEFUL to us
  • Practice. You will become VERY good. You will be having sex with beautiful women

And still, there’s more! How about learning my Chameleon Tactic? This is the secret sauce! It will trigger her sexual desires and draw her to you like a magnet! With this tactic in your tackle box, you will be choosing which women you want to be with! Success with women is coffee money away!

I love this book series. This is the second of four books and Gregg absolutely nails it. It’s refreshing to read something original on this subject for a change. What Gregg does different than most authors is he weaves specific instruction into an entertaining and engaging writing style the reader can relate to. And it’s not all about him, like most dating coaches. He gives personal examples to help, but he seems legitimately interested in us guys. This is a meaty book, taking you through a great number of steps towards improvement. We learn keys to both women and ourselves. He devotes two entire chapters to these insights, and we learn what makes women tick, and it’s not what you’d naturally think. He has an awesome chapter on how to desensitize yourself around woman, along with tips on goal setting and visualization. He explains in this and later chapters that you want to challenge and tease women. He shows how most guys screw up by kissing up to women and being the nice guy. This doesn’t work. He discusses where to meet women (and where not to) and he does a comprehensive breakdown on female body language to help understand subtle cues she’s putting off. Then he goes onto explain exactly how to approach the girl you want and hook her. What I take away most from this book is there’s a lot to take into consideration, much more than I had previously thought. At the end he makes a point to put it all together so we’re not overwhelmed, and he throws in a couple bonus chapters on asking a woman out, and “lethal” first date tips. Like the first book Gregg did on building confidence, this one includes a famous quote to set the tone. I like these brief breaks from the action, they help frame things in the right light and give the reader a time for reflection. And while the first book was all about “inner game” this one is all about “outer” game and so there’s a symmetry between the two books. Actually, they’re more like manuals than books. This is a true program for success. I can’t wait to read the next two books in the series!Thomas