Building of a Confident ManDo you get anxious at the thought of speaking to a beautiful woman or trying something new?

Do you know what high value women are looking for in a man?

Guys – it’s all about confidence – it’s that easy!

High value women don’t waste their time on what I call wet kittens! They may pet them for a while, dry them off and give them a little bit of lovin’, but they won’t keep them around long! Wet kittens can be smelly, needy and downright annoying to have around. Don’t be a wet kitten!

  • I'm not a big fan of most dating books, because most of them are full of crap (excuse me, regurgitated content drawn from stereotypes that don't apply in most cases). "The Building of a Confident Man', however, was actually a pretty interesting book that had some good tips and advice. The strongest (and best) part of the book in my opinion is its concept and approach. Most books and magazines on dating advice, that I have come across, focus only trying to get readers to fit into a "mold" of what they believe might be appealing to women. This book focuses providing the advice and inspiration to be more of yourself when you are looking for that significant other. In short, this book offers advice for you to look and feel more confident in pursuing your dreams so that you can find the woman that belongs in the dream too. One quote from the beginning beautifully displays this: "Women are attracted to men that make them feel good about themselves". This book is definitely a good start for understanding that and taking the first steps to making that happen. Another thing was interesting was some of the interesting side trips that the book takes. I did not expect to see like the "passage" meditation, affirmations, and desensitization techniques. It was interesting to read and therefore something that made the book unique.–Charles

  • Let me say up front, I am already married but this book still appealed to me. Many men (and women) think that once they get married they can let go of themselves. That is not true. This book made me rethink everything I was doing to make sure I was still attracting my wife. The basic premise of the entire book is self confidence. Without confidence it is hard to get anywhere in life, let alone with a woman. Eating right and exercising are the two biggest and most important aspects to being confident, in my opinion that is. Once your body is taken care of you will naturally feel better about yourself. I like the way the author organized the book and had an overview at the end of each chapter. I recommend this book to you whether you are looking for a mate or if you are already married.–David

  • Right up front let me say this book is not about just dating the women you want to date. Oh there is a lot of information about that and you will be able to talk to women like never before. I have more women in my life than i ever thought possible. I also am doing better at work than I could imagine. The office bully wants to be my friend. The It guys come right up when I call and things are getting easier everyday. This book WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I know you have heard it before but this is not the same old same old. This amazing writer can teach you to have the greatest self confidence of any one you know. If you have the sense to read this book and do what he says. It is all here for you. Everything you want to know . Just an afternoon read and your going from mediocre to amazing. It is up to you.–Daniel

You are about to become the man women can’t say “No” to!

Finding your dream and pursuing it with verocity will make you a man women can’t resist! You will be a man of value. Life will no longer run you, you will be in the driver’s seat! Building your confidence gives you the tools you need to do all of this – and the extra added bonus????


What would your dating life be like if your confidence was dialed up 10 degrees? What about 20? 30+? Building your confidence is a gradual process that begins when you read this book! Your confidence will grow slowly but steadily as you read.

Success begins with your inner game!

The Building of a Confident Man works on the male psyche. With this book, you will learn techniques that will help you quiet your mind so you are ready to accept change. These techniques include:

  • Affirmations
  • Desensitization
  • Passage meditation
  • Creating a game plan to instill empowering beliefs on a daily basis
  • Changing your mindset from beta to alpha
  • Defeating self defeating behavior through displacement
  • Developing personal transformation skills for mate seeking
  • Examining how health affects self esteem

I’m not going to go into the situations that broke my confidence, but after reading Michaelsen’s book I see that that’s exactly what happened, and now I know how to fix it. (Actually I learned that from the book: spare her your baggage and take responsibility to develop inner confidence. On it!) If you follow this plan you’ll be developing self esteem that will be attractive in the truest sense of the word, and I really admire this approach. It’s not about playing games or snaring women in artificial dating traps, it’s about setting yourself up for success both in the way you think about yourself and the ways you present yourself to command attention and respect.

The book is written in a clear, no nonsense style, even when addressing softer topics like meditations and affirmations for positive thinking. Michaelsen is like having a personal line coach helping you pivot your thinking towards more successful thoughts and action steps. There are tons of tips on both the macro and micro level, and I started a notebook to list my priority intentions, including addressing my wardrobe issues. I’m sure I’ll be re-reading it when I’m ready to level up because there is only so much you can absorb at one time. The book is well organized, with key topics summed up at the end of every chapter. It’s really a quality book and it has my respect, so I’m putting it to work.<em>Alex P</em>

Start Succeeding with Women!wet kitten

Stop being a wet kitten! Get out of your own way! You already possess the tools to get this done. You just need the manual! The Building of the Confident Man is your manual!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like or how much money you make, this book will help you build your confidence and become a roaring lion instead of a wet kitten!

You can begin reading right now!

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One thing I’ve noticed about most dating manuals is they all seem very similar. They tend to rehash the same observations and techniques without outlining a specific program to implement changes. This book is totally different.

The author, Gregg Michaelsen, establishes right away this is a marathon and not a sprint. He draws a powerful analogy between scaling Mount Everest and going from a dud to a stud. Like conquering a formidable mountain, the author explains that if you try and move too fast up the hill you’ll fail. So you have to take baby steps, one at a time to achieve success.

He then begins to outline a program that will get you there – and by creating a four book series he allows time for you to make that journey. Whereas other dating books go right for the prize (getting women) almost this entire first book instead focuses on how to better you.

The key to the whole deal, he explains is self-confidence (and self-esteem.) He shows that in order to generate success with women you have to first build that success inside yourself. So he truly delivers on the title of the book.

He then outlines a program. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of building confidence in yourself. First he shows you common mistakes guys make with women so you can begin to avoid them. Then interestingly moving forward he delves deep into the metaphysical, demonstrating how meditation, desensitization and other mind control techniques can benefit you. In other chapters he gets more practical in regards to improving your appearance, your home and your basic interactions with women.

One of my favorite chapters is called “Beta to Alpha” where Gregg explains that women are drawn to powerful alpha men (and why.) It’s clear why confidence then is so important to the equation. At the end of the book he gives you very simple advice on how to begin talking to women in a way that isn’t daunting. In this way, he leaves you wanting more which is the point of the book series – to move at a comfortable pace and slowly build up your abilities over time. I’m guessing each of the four books will work in the same way, building on one another, chapter by chapter, until before you know it you’ve arrived at your destination at the top of the proverbial mountain.

Another thing I like a lot is the quotes at the heading of each chapter. They’re inspirational sayings from very powerful people throughout history (Bruce Lee, Vince Lombardi, Buddha) who shed light on the processes described in the book.

This is a must read in the world of dating books. It is totally unique and it delivers on what it promises and then some, which is very rarely the case in this genre. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series. – Thomas W.